Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Wordy Wednesday update: In the home stretch...

Here's a quick update on how we're doing with reading.  After we had met with our son's teacher, we decided that we would award the DSi as a "graduation" present for finishing out the Stepping Stones program.  We are anxiously awaiting its arrival, having found the best deal we could at (it came with two games and a starter kit as part of a bundle).  The problem we are having is that Walmart took days and days to ship it, which is kind of annoying.  As in almost a week to ship it.  While I can understand this on one level, they have to know that Christmas is coming and people need to know their gifts are going to ship and arrive in a timely manner.

Aside from angst for waiting for the DSi to arrive, we are just a few books away from completion.  He'll feel so proud of himself when he gets that DS in his hot little hands.  For now, he has to ask to use his sister's DS to play a game.  He'll love having his own!  He keeps asking me to check the tracking to see where it is at... he's more anxious to get the DS than he is for Christmas!  Once we finish completely, I'll post an overall review of the whole program to recap everything. 
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