Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Amazon's Warehouse Deals: Another way to save big!

I stumbled onto Amazon's Warehouse Deals site by accident tonight and am glad I did.  Basically, it is an outlet to allow Amazon to sell open box items.  Have you ever bought an open box item?  It's a great way to save and often the item was returned because someone didn't want it or need it after they opened the box.

I purchased a book that was returned and listed in very good condition.  It was $10 off the hard cover price, so I'm hoping it looks like brand new. Items listed at Amazon's Warehouse Deals site are inspected to make sure they are working, according to their site.  With a book, however, so long as it isn't icky or ratty, I'm all for saving a buck.

Just for comparison's sake, I saw Sarah Palin's book, Going Rogue, listed in the book section of Amazon's Warehouse Deals.  They currently have two copies, both for $6.49 and both with "Small wrinkle / bend on dust cover" and one with "Small mark / wear on pages."  The list price for this book on the regular Amazon site is $17.18, so you'd save over $10 by buying the one from the Warehouse Deals.  If you click the link for used under the main entry, look for "Warehouse Deals" to see the ones that are sold and fulfilled by Amazon. 

Aside from books, they offer a range of products that are open box specials.  This could include musical instruments, computer software, video games, lap tops, etc.  Be sure to check through all the categories for something that strikes your fancy and save.  If you find something there and buy it, let me know what it was!

The book that I bought shipped free on Prime, a huge plus.  I can't wait to get it and see if it was as advertised.
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