Sunday, January 02, 2011

Best Buy: Trade in your Games for Best Buy gift cards

This is new to me, but Best Buy now has hundreds of stores that accept game trade ins.  I normally don't look at their ad, but their ad this week says "Get a $50 Best Buy Gift Card when you trade in any two of 50+ select titles".  I perused the list, but really we only have one game on there and I don't think hubby is going to give it up just yet.  However, if you are the type to play a new game quickly and then trade it in on something else, this might be a good option for you as you shop around your titles.  We typically trade our old games in at Game Stop, but now we'll be checking the value at Best Buy too.

Check your games to see what their estimated value is currently before you commit to another store. One thing I like about this option is the gift cards can be used on items other than just games and accessories.
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