Monday, January 10, 2011

Campbell's e-Labels for Education... are you signed up?

Campbell's e-Labels for Education is an off shoot of the normal Campbell's Labels for Education program.  The e-Label program is open to Kroger family stores, which include stores such as Safeway, Tom Thumb, Fred Meyer, Dominicks and more.  Be sure to check for your store on the list. 

From what I gather, these e-labels are earned for purchasing certain products that carry the CLFE label that you would normally clip.  Think of it as double dipping!  One nice thing that I can think of about the e-LFE program is that provided that your card is attached to this program, the school that you select will earn for you purchasing, so if you forget the label, they still get something. Draw back?  Even if you happen to buy a 5 point item, your school would still only get 1 point for your purchase of that item. 

Don't have kids or are yours all grown up?  Signing up for this program is an easy way to help your local schools or the schools of your grandkids, nieces, nephews, best friend, etc.  Just make sure the cashier scans your card (and not a courtesy card) when you check out. 

Go here to join!
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