Thursday, January 06, 2011

Living Without Magazine: A quick review

Having a birthday somewhat close to Christmas - as in five weeks before - means that I have to come up with a huge gift idea list (or at least two different lists) within a short period of time.  I am a horrible person to shop for, since I rarely want extravagant things (ok, I admit that I'm really intrigued by the Tassimo T20 that several bloggers have been giving away, but not because I'm a coffee fiend, because I'm not.  I want it for hot chocolate.).  I had to give a list over and my sister-in-law got me a magazine called Living Without.

The USPS battered and tore my premiere issue, but the information inside was still intact.  Though they sent me the December/January issue (which I hate when they send back issues since the holiday is now past...), I still found some of the holiday recipes in there intriguing.  I liked, too, that it had several features that I found relevant to me and my need to avoid wheat.  For instance, there was a large article, A Celiac Pill, that I found very interesting.  Researchers from across the globe are working toward finding a cure and the differing ways the medicines would work was quite interesting.  I have hope that they'll be able to find a way for those with Celiac to eat wheat. 

Dining out is sometimes quite tricky and I often end up eating some items off the kids menu.  Another helpful feature article was about Atlanta and special diets so that visitors would know which restaurants catered to their special dietary needs. 

Aside from the features, I found a few different recipes for making my own flour blends.  I especially enjoyed the Q&A with a chef and I even enjoyed the ads showcasing gluten free food items.  Sometimes you don't know what's out there simply because a product isn't located in your grocery store.  It's nice to see different products so that I can do some research to see if I might want to order some to try online.

Final analysis:  I can't wait to get the next issue.  My family is tired of the same old, same old here and there were several recipes (or recipes that I could adapt to our tastes) that looked promising.

Disclosure:  This review is unpaid.  It is relative to my own opinions while perusing the very thoughtful and helpful birthday gift that was given to me.
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