Thursday, January 06, 2011

Santa was good to me... lots of reading to do

Of course, I'm always good so Santa is always good to me!  This year I told "Santa" to bring me several books that I've been wanting to read.  In advance of Christmas, I didn't have much time or energy to read since we were laying laminate flooring in our living room and dining area.  After months of hearing me complain, nag and generally whine, my husband's long break from work was spent sawing boards and mine was spent tapping them into place.  The finished (or should I say near-finished?) result is striking.  If I didn't have toys all over the floor at the moment, I'd take a picture to post it!  We have one room left (our dreaded bedroom), which I plan to hoe out this month to *hopefully* knock this project completely off the to do list. By the way, I highly discourage anyone from undertaking such a large project with the holidays looming.  It was simply too much, the weather was uncooperative (snow days for the kids) and we had to make time to shop in there too, while trying to finish before Christmas.  Not an easy or unstressful season, to be sure!

So, now that I have a bit more spare time, I've been cuddling up with some books!  First, I read Tasha Alexander's fifth Lady Emily mystery (which I had a very strong feeling who the killer was, only to be proven 100% correct at the end) and then I tackled Jayne Ann Krentz' Midnight Crystal, which I finished today while my Internet service provider was giving me 1% of my bandwidth, effectively ruining all of my blogging plans today.  I'm a huge fan of her (and her other aliases') Arcane novels.  Now, I'm afraid I'm intrigued by Harmony and will soon be going back and reading the prior books about that.  I actually really love finding new series to read, especially when they've already been written, because I get impatient waiting for the next book.
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