Saturday, January 01, 2011

Office Depot Wii game deal: Select titles $7.99 & ship free!

My sister alerted me to this hot deal!  If you just got a Wii for Christmas, you may want to grab these games on the cheap.  I ordered two games and they both will ship free.  Total $16.78 with tax.

Party Pigs Farmyard Games  for $7.99

Cradle of Rome for $7.99

WordJong for $7.99

Indy 500 Legends for Nintendo Wii for $7.99

Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine for 7.99

London Taxi Rush Hour for $7.99

For comparison, here's some prices I found on Amazon:

WordJong - $14.55
Indy 500 Legends - $44.99
Cradle of Rome - $32.91
Iron Chef America - $18.00
London Taxi Rush Hour - $16.59
Party Pigs Farmyard - $14.72

Did you get an Office Depot card for Christmas or have one already in your wallet?  I used an Office Depot card I won in a contest to buy two of these games.
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