Friday, January 07, 2011

Quick diaper survey for a chance to win $1,000

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I had two c-sections, so I never got to really the exhilaration that other moms feel by pushing their babies out.  I joke with my hubby that I didn't give birth; it was taken from me. I actually sometimes watch those shows on TLC that show parents giving birth. Birth fascinates me.  Watching those types of shows reminds me of what it was like to be a first time parent so long ago... wondering and waiting for some little bundle of joy that is half me, half hubby to come into the world and be with us forever. 

Want to see part of a live birth, moms watch this video to win.  It's a really quick part of the video, right at the beginning.  Several parents talk about their birth experiences in this video and I'm sure you'll find someone to relate to.

The survey was so quick and easy -- just a few short questions that took just a few minutes to take.  At the end, you can opt to enter your info to be eligible for the drawing for the $1,000.  Don't miss out: Take this survey for a 1/500 chance at $1000.  The odds seem fairly good on this (one in 500 will win) and they promise not to spam you.  Your personal info is safe.

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