Saturday, January 15, 2011

Why you should buy the water filter before your clothes at Sears...

Today, we found ourselves at Sears buying hubby some much needed clothes.  There was a massive clearance going on and I don't know how, but I did resist flicking through the racks.  In the end, we grabbed several polo shirts and some new dress pants, along with a water filter, and headed to the register.  The kind man in the appliance department told us how we could get on a subscription service for our filter. 

Basically, we sign up to have Sears' parts service send us a water filter every six months.  They'll email ahead of time just to be sure we need it then, and it would auto bill onto our Sears card.  Kind of nifty and, for us, worth it!  We live an hour away from the nearest Sears and getting a new filter isn't always convenient.  We opted to try out a cheaper different name brand filter that we found on Amazon that would fit and it blew charcoal chunks through, so we have to flush the line.  So, the cost saved is totally negated by now having to get the tools to do that.  At any rate, we had to conduct the filter purchase completely separate of the clothes.

At the end of that transaction, out popped a 20% off coupon for .... men's apparel!  That saved us $30 after coupon.  I'm so glad we had to do the transactions separately.  I'd have been really mad otherwise!
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