Thursday, February 10, 2011

Google and Mortgage Rescue Ripoffs

I found this news release about Google and mortgage ripoffs to be interesting.  I can see the point.  Google is the largest search engine and arguably one of the most trusted to return results that are relevant and trustworthy.  I know that I trust them to return links and such that don't harbor malicious code and viruses.  The revelation that Google's ads aren't always from companies with your best interest at heart should be a gentle nudge to not trust that Google vets these ads and that you should always be wary and do some research.

In a similar vein, I do occasionally take sponsored posts.  I do my best to vet the companies by checking for a BBB rating, complaints, scams, etc.  I don't guarantee absolute perfection!  If you could see how much money I actually turn down from these types of companies, it might make you sick.  But please know that I do pass on far more sponsored post offers than I take. 

My advice if you are looking for a mortgage rescue is to do these things...

  • Search for the company online to see if it is rated by the BBB.  If the site is lacking a "Contact Us" link, run away!  They don't want you to find them and that's never a good thing.
  • Search for the company along with words like "scam", "complaints", and/or "rip off" because consumers who are taken by these scams will often take to blogs, complaint boards, etc. to share their experience.  Not everyone knows to report to the BBB.
  • Try to vet a business with the state's Consumer Protection agency.  If the business is located in Florida, then find that state's office for consumer complaints.  If the business seems shady, definitely report it.
  • The Internet can be a hot bed for bad people since it is anonymous.  Ask around for local agencies to help you versus a faceless company.  Legitimate companies get good press from satisfied customers.
  • But also be wary of companies that receive nothing but praise.  It sounds horrible, but companies do pay people to post good reviews of their services.  Even if it is all good things being reported, you should still be wary.
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