Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Seeking sponsors for Blog Pop's Spring Fling

Whatcha doing May 5-8?  I hope you'll join me and the other Blog Pop blogs for our Spring Fling event!  The event will host reviews and giveaways for Spring --- and I am actively seeking sponsors for this event.  If you would like to have your product featured during the Spring Fling event, please email me at iclipcoupons@gmail.com.

This will be my second Blog Pop event and I'm excited for the next event.  Yesterday was a beautiful 66 degrees, albeit a windy 66 degrees!  It is unusual to have had such a lovely day for Valentine's Day. Aside from thinking ahead to Spring for this event, I got a little taste of Spring yesterday and can't wait for more.

Readers:  Please leave me a comment if there's a particular type of product (or a particular product) you'd want me to feature here. I know when I think of Spring, I start dreaming of flip flops and toeless shoes....
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