Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Barely There® No Slip Fit™Underwire Bra review (plus special offer) #imabzzagent

I recently received a Barely There® No Slip Fit™ Underwire bra from BzzAgent and I was eager to try it.  I hate it when my bra straps fall down.  I like my undergarments to fit snug, but not feel like they are strangling me.  A well-fitting bra not only provides support and comfort, but it also helps you look stylish in your clothing.

When I filled out the survey for this BzzCampaign, I had to choose a bra that I felt most comported to my current size.  I selected a 38 band because even though I weigh under 130 pounds, I typically need the larger band.  The band fit well on the third clasp in.  This is how most of my bras fit, so I am confident I made the right band size when I made my selection. 

I also had to choose a cup size, sight unseen.  For me, it depends a lot on padding for me to decide between a B or a C cup.  Too much padding, and I need the larger size.  Too little padding and I'm swimming in a C.  Ultimately, I opted for the larger size, mainly because I was afraid that if I went smaller, I would have a problem getting a good fit without popping out, a common occurrence for me when I buy a B.  This is where I went wrong since though the band size felt right, the cup size was off.  I had some extra material on the side by my armpits.  The rest of the bra covered me well enough.  I hoped that it would shrink a little after a good wash and hot dryer setting, and it did.  The Barely There® No Slip Fit™ bra did shrink slightly and the gaps on the side were less noticeable.  I am hopeful that it will shrink a little more to make the fit a bit more snug.

One thing I noticed about this bra was that the fabric at the band gripped my fingers when I picked it up.  The feel was a little different than normal, but not bad feeling.  It made for a comfortable hug and didn't irritate my skin or me.

Another thing I noticed was that the Barely There® No Slip Fit™ bra has grips on the bra strap themselves.  I think they are plastic of some kind and when I first wore the bra, I could hear some squeaks coming from the contact of the bra on my shoulders.  This was while the bra was new and not washed a few times.  I only heard the squeaks the first time I wore it.

Overall, I like the bra.  I have had good luck with the Barely There® brand when it comes to fit and I would definitely find the Barely There® No Slip Fit™ bra at a retailer and try the next cup size down to see if I could improve the fit.  

Where to find Barely There® No Slip Fit™ bras

Want to give this bra a try?  You can find Barely There® No Slip Fit™ bras at Macy's and Kohl's.  They are also available at several online retailers.  Check out this list to see where you can purchase this bra.  The bra that I received had a price tag of $33 on it, though savvy shoppers can probably find a sale.

Special Offer!

As a BzzAgent, I am able to list this deal for Barely There® No Slip Fit™ bras.  Go to:

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Disclosure:  Pinching Abe is a BzzAgent.  She received the Barely There® No Slip Fit™ bra to review at no cost to her.  She will receive MyPoints for publishing this review.  If you are interested in joining BzzAgent to sign up for future campaigns, please visit www.bzzagent.com.
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