Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The cost of gas... in terms of American Girl Dolls

I had to take my daughter to the pediatrician today and when I was almost there, I happened to notice the needle sitting on E, with no time to stop for a quick fill up.  After our visit and a quick run through (OK, it wasn't that quick) the drop off line at the pharmacy, watching the miles to go til empty drop just a little further on the display, I made it to the gas station with moments to spare.  At $3.49 9/10ths per gallon (can you really get 9/10ths of a cent of gas anyway?), it cost me $50 to fill my tank.  I cringed first, then whined, and mentally banged my head on the pump at the Valero. 

Filling up? It cost me half of this Just Like You Doll
My 9, soon-to-be 10 year old asked me what was wrong.  I told her it just cost me $50 to fill up the van.  She looked at me kind of strange and then I told her, "Honey, it just cost me half of what an American Girl Doll costs to put gas in the van."  Eyes alight, I was speaking in terms she understood!

How painful was it the last time you filled up?  Pinching Abe wants to know she's not alone in her frustration of spending $50 to put gas her her car.
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