Thursday, March 17, 2011

Rite Aid 15 minute prescription guarantee

Rite Aid has a new 15 minute prescription guarantee program.  You get your prescription* within 15 minutes or you get a $5 gift card.

What's the * for?  The exclusions, of course!  This guarantee doesn't include situations where the pharmacist might have to contact someone else to fill the prescription (such as if you transferred and they need to call the other pharmacy, your doctor, etc.), the prescriptions have to be dropped off in person or via a drive thru window (no filling it online), 3 prescriptions max, and it isn't valid right before the pharmacist's lunch break.  For more details, please visit Rite Aid.

What this could mean for little old me?  Well, my Rite Aid is notoriously unable to fill a prescription within that time frame, so maybe they'll step up to the plate and fill faster.  My family has been sick and I've had to go back hours later to pick up a prescription because they just couldn't fill it any faster than that.  So either I'm going to get rich in $5 increments or I'll be finally able to get a prescription within a reasonable time frame.
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