Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Business2Blogger: Matching bloggers with companies (aka "How do you get products to review?)


One of my friends recently asked me how I get products to review.  There are various sites that bloggers can join to get hooked up with companies that are willing to work with them by providing products to review, and one of those sites is Business2Blogger.

One of my first product reviews dealt with reviewing eyewear and guess who hooked me up with that awesome company?  You guessed it -- Business2Blogger.  I have since gone on to work again with the company that B2B matched me up with about a year ago and I actually have another review for one of their products that is coming up very soon.

So whether you're a business looking to find a blogger like me (or not like me --- the trio at Business2Blogger can work with you to match you to bloggers in various niches), or if you're a blogger like me who is interested in finding quality companies to partner with for product reviews, Business2Blogger is a great starting point.  I'm not going to tell you that every opportunity that they blast out in their emails is going to be a love match, but they do their best to find companies to match up with their blogger members and vice versa.

Disclosure:  Because B2B is so awesome, they are currently running an iPad2 Sweepstakes.  For writing this true and factually correct blog post extolling B2B and my experience using B2B to find companies that I wish to work with, I earn an entry into their sweepstakes.  Though winning is a long shot, I don't mind sharing my experience with B2B.  Though it would be really nice to win ;)
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