Thursday, April 07, 2011

Fazoli's goes Old School: Get a coupon for free spaghetti for bringing in your old school pic!

How bad do you want some free spaghetti?  Fazoli's announced it's new Old School promotion, which offers you some free spaghetti for bringing in an old school pic. 

How this promo works:

1.  Dig out an old school photo and take it with you to Fazoli's.  80s hair is optional!
2.  Order an Old School menu item and flash that picture to...
3.  Get a coupon for free spaghetti, which you can use on your next visit.

For more details, please view their press release.  There's also a Facebook contest tie in to win a year's worth of spaghetti, but when I looked tonight I didn't see links for it, so it may be coming soon.  Bad news is you have to share those school pics with the Facebook world to enter to win.
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