Wednesday, April 06, 2011

My favorite Peeps moments.... ah, childhood! #PeepsMoments

Peeps and Company, along with SocialMoms, wanted to know what my favorite Peeps moments are.  You might have caught an earlier blog post outlining my weakness for Peeps.  I'm still suffering from that Peeps weakness, since I unabashedly tossed a package of those pink, yummy bunnies in my grocery cart today.  And ate all but three of them.

I think my love affair with Peeps began back in childhood.  One of my favorite Peeps moments has to be rushing downstairs to find my basket.  My parents always split up the Peeps... we never got a whole package to ourselves. (This is one of the best parts of adulthood, by the way.  I can have a whole package to myself!) Because they sat out all night, they were not too squooshy and just a little on the firm side.  The rest of the leftover Peeps went into a community Easter basket of sorts, also known as "what you do with those few leftovers when you divide a bag of candy evenly between four children and have just 3 pieces left over, which would make the baskets uneven" syndrome.  I confess... I snatched up those Peeps too!

I may have also recently mentioned the story about the Easter Bunny's trick on me.  Knowing full well that I can't eat any with blue food dye, he made sure to bring my son blue Peeps and my daughter purple ones.  In all honesty, I think the Easter bunny thought I might actually turn into a Peep, so he wanted to discourage me from talking the kids into handing over some of their Peeps.  The kids just love to tell this story since it shows you that the Easter Bunny does have a sense of humor too.

We don't make a Peeps diorama because I'm just not that crafty.  But another one of my fond Peeps memories was looking through the Washington Post's Peeps diorama contest winners/honorable mentions slide show.  The Up! diorama was just plain awesome and made me really appreciate the artistry that was poured into that piece. 

Recently, I found some milk chocolate flavored Peeps and my first taste of those is another favorite Peeps moment!  Better yet, I was able to share with another Peeps addict at CVS.  The cashier there mentioned that she hadn't tasted them yet, so I opened up my bag and shared.  Incidentally, she is another one who loves Peeps stale and adores them frozen too. 

Peeps are meant to be shared, I think.  Why else would they come attached to each other?  Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed my fond Peeps memories.  There's 3 Peeps left in my freezer and they're calling my name.  This post has made me hungry!

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