Friday, April 22, 2011

Papa John's online code - only good til 24th - get half off!

Papa John's has a half off online code that may work for you.  Use EW50 to get half off your order, if your store is participating.  I was psyched that mine was because I ordered the 1 pizza, 2 bottles of soda, and wings special for $18.99 and got half off.  Remember to tip your driver because that $2.00 odd delivery charge is not given to the driver.  It's money that the store keeps for themselves (one might argue it is a sneaky way to charge more for a pizza without actually raising the price of the pizza itself) and does not go to the driver as a tip (though the way it is worded might make you think it is a tip in disguise.   This code is only good through 4/24 and the email stated it was select local stores only.  I live in Virginia; YMMV.  Hope this customer appreciation code works for someone else too!
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