Saturday, April 23, 2011

Amazon: Hot deal for Duracell rechargeable batteries - $6.64 for AA pack

Do you need some rechargeable batteries?  Amazon has a deal on Duracell Pre-charged Rechargeable batteries, making them cost just $6.64 per pack.  We bought these batteries a few months ago to replace the ones in our cordless phones that would no longer hold a charge.  Here's how the deal breaks down...
  1. Select the Duracell Rechargeable AA's, priced at $10.16 per pack
  2. Subscribe to this product via the Subscribe and Save, that drops it down to $8.64.  You can push the date out really far.  They always email you when it is time for your scheduled shipment to verify you need it.  You can always cancel later.
  3. Click the $2 clip free coupon.  This will appear just above the Product features.  If it doesn't, refresh the page until it appears.
  4. This drops the price down to $6.64.
  5. Shipping will be free; all subscribe and save items ship free!
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