Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Swag Bucks update on Japan

I missed this blog post last week that updated the number of Swag Bucks donated to go toward Japan relief.  According to the latest update,
Thanks to you guys, we’ve already successfully accumulated 2,143,505 Swag Bucks, as of yesterday afternoon.  That means that we’re already donating almost $20,000 to the relief efforts in Japan.

There's still time to donate too!  You have until May 2 at 12 PM Pacific to donate to the cause.  If you are not a member of Swag Bucks, it is super easy to sign up.  Right now through the closing of the relief fund, you can enter HelpJapan on the sign up page to get 50 extra Swag Bucks if you're referred.  So if you're interested, please sign up through my referral link.

In case you missed me mentioning that I am donating matching bucks that I get via referrals who use the HelpJapan code (please be sure to comment so I can locate you in my ledger and donate appropriately), please know that I have a running thread where I have been commenting with the amount of matching bucks I'm donating to the cause.  I've donated 170 Swag Bucks worth of matching bucks on top of my personal donation that I made early on.  I check daily and round up!  
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