Monday, May 16, 2011

Pop Cap's 'Chuzzle' free to download at Amazon 5/17 only (Amazon App Store for Android)

Want a free Android game?  Pop Cap Games has an exclusive agreement with Amazon to launch their Android games at Amazon.  This exclusive arrangement has a freebie attached, according to the press release issued earlier today (emphasis mine):

As part of the agreement, Chuzzle® will be available beginning tomorrow through May 30, and will be followed by Plants vs. Zombies™ for Android during a second exclusive offer later this month.  The games will be entirely FREE for the first day of their availability, after which they'll be available for purchase and download for a list price of US$2.99 each. 

Note:  These games will only be free during the first day that they're available on Amazon.  So besure to download when they're free, else they'll cost you about $3.  They'll be available at Amazon's App store for Android for two weeks before becoming available elsewhere.
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