Friday, July 22, 2011

Beat the heat: Exercise inside on a rowing machine?

Like most of the country this week, we're suffering a heat wave here!  With temps close to 100 and a heat index in the 115-120+ range, suffice to say that exercising outside is not an option today.  It is definitely time to hit the gym (or home gym if you have one) to burn off those extra calories.  I don't currently belong to a gym or Y, but I'd consider trying out a rowing machine if I did have a membership.

Why?  Because I think it would help work out some of the tension in my shoulders.  I get tension headaches and usually my shoulders are pretty tense when that happens.  A nice, rolling - er rowing - action might relieve some stress and tension. Plus, I've always marveled at the boating events at the Olympics.  They make it look so easy!  I'm looking forward to 2012 Olympics in London next summer.  Only 370 days to go!

Stamina Folding Recumbent Steel Frame Exercise Bike
I don't like to ride bikes, mainly because they hurt my back.  I get tired of leaning forward too.  I like the looks of this recumbent exercise bike though.  I'd be laying back (and to be honest, I could see myself watching TV and riding this kind of bike!)  My husband does like to ride his bike, though I have a feeling if the kids beg for a bike ride this weekend, the answer will be no! 

I suppose part of bike riding is communing with nature.  The last time I rode a bike, a deer jumped out in front of me on our street.  Talk about communing with nature!  I was afraid the kids would startle the doe right into me, but she took off back into the overgrown lot from whence she came. 

For a better workout, I could try an elliptical, which would give my arms a workout too.  I've never skied in my life, so it might take a bit of time for me to get the skiing motion coordinated.  I do like the idea of using more of your body in an exercise, since anything less is probably inefficient.  Why not get the most of your exercise time? 

One big feature I would need in exercise equipment would be that they fold up and take up less space.  Space is at a premium in our home, so I'd need to know that I wouldn't have to store a bike or other machine out in my entertaining area (a/k/a the living room).  I want to look good by exercising, but I also want my house to look like a house and not a gym. 

What's your favorite piece of exercise equipment?  Let me know by leaving me a comment.

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