Monday, July 04, 2011

Happy Independence Day!

Pinching Abe loves Independence Day!  Perhaps that is because it was always a time to gather with my parents' families while we were growing up, which usually meant a picnic with lots of food, not to mention games with the tons of cousins that I had.  I actually feel bad for my kids because the cousin nearest in age to my youngest is 10 years older than him!  People are having smaller families these days, I guess.

Speaking of cousins, my children have a new little second cousin!  My nephew became a daddy on Sunday.  Well, I guess that makes me a great auntie.  All of my great aunts growing up had a head full of gray hair, but I might just buck that familial trend for my nephew with some (still) brown locks.  I sure don't feel old just yet and I can't wait to meet the newest baby in the family.

Take the time today to remember what Freedom means, remember it wasn't and isn't free, and pray for our troops stationed throughout the world who are working for you every day so that you might breathe the sweet scent of freedom each and every day.  While you're toasting marshmallows and getting bitten by mosquitoes, some soldier somewhere is likely freezing and wishing he or she were home roasting wienies this holiday.  Enjoy your picnic, but remember those who can't be home to celebrate too.

Let Freedom Ring!
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