Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Master Lock, Back-to-School, and Advice on Surviving the School Year

I will have graduated high school 20 years ago next year.  I can hardly believe it, yet I still remember those early, timid days in junior high like they were yesterday.  One of the big things that sticks out in my memory is having my first locker.  Along with that locker came the development of a new skill:  working a Master Lock.

I was so embarrassed that I had no lock working ability.  I remember having to ask my teacher to help me get into my locker.  That first week was really rough for me!  I had a combination I had to remember and work with ease since we only had 4 minutes between classes.  If you wanted to ditch your heavy history book, well, your fingers had better be nimble.

Master Lock has a cool, new lock that I would have loved way back then.  The new Master Lock 1500iD Speed Dial™ Set-Your-Own Combination Lock would have saved me lots of time, embarrassment, and grief!  I would have been able to set the combo to something I could easily remember, versus what came stickied on the back of the lock.

My advice for surviving the school year is to get your lock, get it early, and practice that combination!  Better yet, get the new 1500iD and set your own combination and practice before the big day.  Check out this video, Friending Too Fast, featuring the new Master Lock 1500iD Speed Dial Set-Your-Own Combination Lock.  It was funny and cute at the same time!

Disclosure:  This blog post is written to participate in a Mom Blogger's Club opportunity.  I will be entered into a contest to potentially win a Master Lock Back-to-School prize pack.  The story is true (unfortunately!)   To learn more about Master Lock and check out their current sweepstakes, please visit them Master Lock on Facebook.
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