Monday, July 18, 2011

Review of Bakery on Main's new truebars - Gluten free and yummy!

Eating gluten free, it can sometimes be hard to find snacks that taste good without having to go and make them yourself.  I bake my own sometimes, but there are times I just want to grab something and go or just want a taste of sweet to take the edge off of a hunger pang. 

Bakery of Main recently sent me some of their new truebars.  I couldn't try them all (walnut issues), but I did get to taste most of the varieties they sent.  Here's the breakdown of what I thought of the ones I did taste.

Hazelnut Cherry Chocolate Bar:  Yummy!  I could really taste the cherries and I do mean cherries, vs. cherry flavor.  There were pieces of cherry mixed in with the chocolate and hazelnuts in this bar.  It was so yummy that I was sad to reach the end of the bar.  I might have been easily persuaded to eat another.  The chocolate wasn't overpowering and I couldn't really taste the nuts.  It was the cherry deliciousness that hit the spot.  I confess... I loved this truebar the best!

Raspberry Chocolate Almond Bar:  I liked this bar too.  It had almond chunks in it that gave it a crunch and the raspberry and chocolate went really well together.  The first bite, I could really taste the chocolate and at first thought it was a little too much chocolate, but the next bites it seemed to blend into the other flavors a bit more.  The raspberry was more of a hint than anything, but it would make a nice choice for when you just want something crunchy.

Coconut Cashew Bar:  I'm a fan of coconut and I could definitely taste the coconut in this bar.  The cashews gave it a certain crunchiness and after a few bites, I was wishing it were covered in chocolate like a Mounds Bar.  I recommend making these with and without a chocolate coating. This one actually tasted way better than I thought it would. 

Apricot Almond Chai Bar:  This bar wasn't what I was expecting either.  At first, I wasn't sure what to make of it.  I could definitely taste the ginger and cardamon, but not the apricot.  The spices were a bit strong for my stomach since ginger sometimes gives me a bit of a burn.

The two Bakery on Main truebars I didn't try:  Walnut Cappuccino Bar and fruit and Nut bar.  Want to see what's in these truebars? One thing I loved about the packaging was the "I'm a _____with nothing to hide" that labeled each one.  The ingredients were clearly listed on the bar, which made it easy for me to search for ingredients (like walnuts) that I shouldn't eat.   You can click the image below to check out each of the flavors and their ingredients.  According to Bakery on Main's press release, their truebars should be making their way to store shelves in September.  These would make a great addition to your gluten free eater's lunch box.
Disclosure:  Bakery on Main provided me with products to taste for the express purpose of this blog review.  Though the truebars were provided at no cost to me, the opinions are 100% my own.  My thanks to Bakery on Main for giving me the opportunity to try out their new product selection.  I was not compensated to post this review.
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