Monday, July 25, 2011

Shopping for lunch meat at Walmart in Fredericksburg, VA #cbias


I've lived in Virginia for over six years, all in a small town with very limited shopping choices.  During those six years, I've heard people say countless times, "King George is getting a Walmart."  After years of hearing this, I was overjoyed to see Walmart finally break ground earlier this year.  A dream come true!  When I lived in Erie, I got very used to convenient shopping.  Moving to my little burg in Virginia was a rude awakening since all the good shopping was about an hour away.  I felt deprived.  I don't anymore.  Walmart IS opening in King George and finally, I'll have a place for one-stop shopping.  I am most excited about shopping there for groceries.

I recently went to the Walmart in Central Park in Fredericksburg to shop for lunch meat.  It's a Super Walmart and King George's Walmart will also be a Super.  I wanted to familiarize myself more with their grocery offerings/prices so that when the new Walmart opens near me, I'll know what they carry and about what price.

As I browsed, one thing that struck me was the number of choices.  My local Food Lion has far fewer choices for flavors, especially for turkey.  There were brands that Walmart carried that I was not familiar with.  I'm used to very limited choices, so it was nice to see a wide variety of turkey flavors.  One item that I spied was a chicken cold cut, sliced thinly.  Chicken lunch meat is not something I can get at my local stores.  I was really just in awe that there were so many different lunch meats for sale.

Please check out my ThisMoment slide show, which posts pictures from my shopping trip!  It was so hot that I just didn't want to cook that night.  Lunch meat, lettuce, and fresh bread meant a quick and easy dinner (FYO - fix your own) at my house.  Everyone made their own and since I got the family size, we had lots of lunch meat left over to get us through the weekend too since it was so hot, we really didn't want to go outside to grill or use the stove/oven to heat up the house even more.


Disclosure: This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias.
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