Saturday, July 09, 2011

Staples ad for 7/10: Lots of Back to School items cheap

We're not even a month out of school yet and Staples has lots of back-to-school items on sale next week.  Here's the run down and remember, each person is a "customer".  I've given my neighbor money and she's bought her own cheap deals for back-to-school while in my care.

Penny deals - 7/10 through 7/13 only
  • 12 count pencil erasers (limit 2 per customer)
  • Bic Round Stick pens (limit 2 per customer)
  • Staples school glue bottle - 4 oz (limit 2 per customer
Quarter deals - 7/10 through 7/16
  • 2-pocket poly folder (limit 2 per customer)
  • Staples Stikkies flags (limit 2 per customer)
  • Bic mechanical pencils 5 pack (limit 2 per customer)
  • Slider pencil case (limit 2 per customer) ** note, I've gotten these before and they tear easily.
  • Staples multipurpose paper - price is .25 AFTER Easy Rebate.  Cost at register is actually $5.99 per and there's a limit of 2 per customer like everything else.
Dollar Deals - 7/10 through 7/16

There are several dollar deals and I'll just highlight the ones I think are great deals instead of listing them all here.  There are also limits on these as well.
  • Black Sharpies - 5 pack
  • Westcott 5" and 7" scissors
  • Staples glue sticks - 4 pack (cost per stick is .25 ea.)
I'm hoping to grab a few of these cheapies.  I have some ink rewards that expire this month, so I'm planning to use that $10 toward supplies.   I'm not planning to buy the Savings Pass.  It is only valid for about two months and has lots of restrictions, including technology, furniture, cell phones, plans, and more.  However, it is valid for calculators, so if you were planning to buy a super expensive one, it may be worth the price of the savings card in that case.
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