Friday, July 22, 2011

Staples sneak peek for July 24 ad: back-to-school deals

Staples has their sneak peek up for my area and there's a few 1 cent and 50 cent deals that I'll be snagging next week.  The 70 sheet note books that are .50 aren't as good of a deal as I saw 70 sheet notebooks at Walmart for .20 per.  Note:  If you're deals require a $5 purchase, be sure to grab the paper to cover that minimum purchase before grabbing any special penny deals. 

The NoVA ad is way different than mine for the Fredericksburg store.  Be sure to check your own ad if you search for a sneak peek.  I actually think their ads are a week ahead of mine, as a friend from Northern Virginia was describing to me their ad this week and it sounds a lot like my ad for next week.  In a way that can be good because I'll just sneak peek her ad to see what's coming down the pike in the future for me!
  • 50 cents per ream of copy paper, after Staples Rebate - always a good thing to snag. More and more schools are asking parents to pony up paper as budget cuts leave their supply budgets short.  Even if it isn't on your list, consider donating some to your child's school or to their art teacher.  
  • Clipboard for 50 cents (limit 2)
  • Mini composition books - 80 sheets/2pack - for 50 cents (limit 2)
  • Staples magnetic bulldog clips/3pack - for 50 cents (limit 2) --- great for clipping chip bags shut.
  • Translucent pencil box for 50 cents (limit 2)
  • Staples dual pencil sharpener for 50 cents (limit 2)
You're still going to get 50% back in Staples rewards for back pack purchases this coming week.  Did you spy any other deals?  Let us know!
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