Friday, August 12, 2011

Browsing King Headboards at

I watch a lot of HGTV on the weekends and one of the shows I watch on Sunday night is HGTV Design Stars.  I loved the episode last week because they made over a bed in breakfast at the Jersey Shore.  For the most part, the finished rooms were an improvement (all except for the white washed floor and the Slimer (a la Ghostbusters) green painting).  However, one other design no-no was the blank white headboard that one designer left.  It was like a blank canvas and it didn't fit well into the room's design, let alone function well in the room.  It got me to thinking that after years of watching design shows, the  headboard can make or break a room.

Shopping online for a headboard can be as easy as visiting  There, they have a variety of headboards for beds that are double and above.  It can be a challenge to find just the right headboard for your space and browsing can really help you narrow down your focus when you're not quite sure what you want to do design wise.

There are many headboards for full size beds on their site.  I was browsing their selection and it struck me that if I were to get my daughter's bed a headboard that I should choose one with bookshelves.  She reads a lot and has tons of books that she loves and re-reads.  She would appreciate the bookshelves more than the style!  It would provide needed storage space for books, as well as providing a focal point for her room.  She actually has a 3/4 size bed (an antique), so we have to buy sheets for a full size bed for her.  You would not believe how hard it is to find "cutesy" sheets for a full size bed!

Our bed is a king and we have a really nice, sturdy oak set.  But in reality, we are short on storage too.  We also read a lot and a bookshelf headboard would be my choice if I got the chance to choose among the many styles of king headboards.  I wouldn't want to have to try to keep an upholstered headboard clean (I have kids!) and I would want something that I could easily dust because I have allergies.  The low profile design (see photo) would also mean I could actually see the painting I have hanging on my wall behind my current headboard. 

A painting would make the perfect focal point for our room since the room is set up to have our bed on one wall only - the wall opposite the bedroom door - so our bed is the first thing anyone sees.  With all of the TV wiring and window placement, we are stuck with the wall that we've got.  Switching out the headboard could give our room a refreshed look that's modern and not chunky.

What's your style?  Are you into bookshelves for form and functionality or are you more into the whimsical and would choose something with a classic fairy-tale type design?  Maybe you're into the upholstered look for a cushy place to lean back in bed?  Let me know your thoughts!  Please leave a comment letting me know what your headboard looks like now and what you wish it looked like!

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