Friday, August 12, 2011

Costume Discounters Star Wars Jawa costume review

Do you have a little Star Wars fanatic in your house?  We do!  He's 6 and hooked on all things Star Wars.  I told a friend that if I had to watch another Star Wars movie again this summer, I might just go crazy.  He loves the Clone Wars, but does enjoy the old Star Wars movies too.  He doesn't even notice the ones from the 70s/80s are lacking the great effects that the later installments had.

Lighted eyes = fail
So when Costume Discounters offered me the opportunity to select a costume for review, I jumped at the chance to find a unique Star Wars costume for my son for Halloween.  Last year, he went as Darth Vader and even had a light saber as a costume accessory.  Imagine how cute (or scary) it is to have a 5 year old go up to your door saying, "Luke, I am your father!" while breathing heavy.

See  - eyes crooked.
They had many Star Wars costumes to choose from, including Anakin Skywalker and lots of different Storm Troopers.  So it was a tough choice since they didn't have a Captain Rex costume in his size (he was so hoping!). 

In the end, I settled on a Child Jawa Costume, mainly because the eyes light up.  The hood would be breathable and could come off easily if he got hot or tired of wearing it.

Glue oops = bunching and white residue
It arrived and we tried it on right away.  The length of the child costume was perfect for him - there would be no tripping on Halloween.  I liked that there were two pieces that attached to the costume for embellishment and that they velcroed on and could be taken off if I needed to wash the costume.  The hood, however, was a poor fit.  The plastic piece which housed the LED red lights for eyes was poorly glued on the inside.  In fact, only half was still glued on.  Even righting the plastic to an even orientation, the plastic piece still appeared mis-glued for where it needed to be (see photos), causing the hood to sit lop-sided.  There was glue leakage on the front of the hood too.  In this respect, we were very disappointed.

I did contact Costume Discounters about these issues prior to writing this review and was referred to their return policy.  For a customer, the process is easy.  Just follow the instructions and print out a UPS label, which you then drop off at a UPS store.  To avoid the chance that your costume will be sold out, the instructions advise you to purchase the same costume again (I assume they'll credit your card with a refund once the damaged costume is returned to them.)  In my case, since the costume was sent to me gratis, that option would not work out for me since I didn't purchase the product. 

Disclosure:  I received the child Jawa costume at no cost to me for the express purposes of writing a review.  The opinions expressed are 100% my own and based upon my family's experience with this product.

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