Saturday, August 20, 2011

Kellogg's Scholastic Book promo (SMPs at Walmart only)

This fall, and at Walmart only, you will start to see specially marked packages of Kellogg's products offering codes to redeem online for $5 Scholastic coupon. You'll need two codes to earn a $5 coupon.  You can either redeem online on your own or if your child's teacher participates with the Scholastic Book Club, you can redeem it and have it sent to your child when they order.

I've looked at the rules and there are a few highlights I wish to point out.
Shipping!  If you redeem online on your own, you can get an up to $5 item for free, except for tax and shipping.  You also cannot stack codes.  Shipping can be expensive...

Your up to $5 coupon (meaning if you order a book less than $5, you forfeit the rest of the value of the coupon) will get you a free book.  However, if you aren't planning to increase your order to a threshold of $25 to get free shipping currently being offered, you'll pay $3 to have a $5 or less item shipped to you.  There's no stacking; only one coupon per transaction.  Obviously, this option is not ideal. 

Hope your child's teacher orders from Scholastic Book Clubs.  If your child's teacher participates in their book clubs, you're in luck.  You will be able to use the $5 coupon (again, ordering a book less than that means you forfeit the rest of the value) and have the book sent to your child's teacher who will then give it to your child at school when his/her order comes in.  The rules state that there's two ways to handle this fulfillment option.  You can hand in your coupon with your order sheet or your teacher can activate online ordering for parents and you can redeem the coupon that way. Only one coupon can be used per transaction for parents who order their book online via the online ordering for parents.  No stacking! 

My thoughts on this promo.  Parents should check with their child's teacher if they purchase specially marked products and don't plan to order online.  I order most of my children's books at Amazon because I have Prime and they ship free to me.  I'm not bound by a minimum. 

Also, coupons need to be redeemed by July 1, 2012.  That means that you'll need to redeem any coupons through your child's teacher before they send in their last order of the year to avoid shipping.  If not, you'll have to place an order on your own to be able to use your coupon before it expires.

A great way to help your child's school would be to save these codes and then offer them to your teacher.  Many parents likely don't notice that on Scholastic's book order forms that there's a box you can check in the book list where you can pay the money and allow your child's teacher to select a book of their choice for the classroom.  By giving the teacher your coupon or codes, you give your child's teacher the ability to select books for the class at no cost to them.  Ask your friends and neighbors, aunts, uncles, and cousins to save those codes for you to help you support your school.  There's no limit to the number of codes you can enter to redeem for coupons.
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