Thursday, August 04, 2011

No counter space? Consider a kitchen cart or kitchen work table.

I'm cursed with a small kitchen. I must confess, I long for many kitchens that I see on TV, particularly those shown on programs such as House Hunters or Bang for your Buck.  I wish I had $50,000 to drop on a kitchen remodel!  I know I'd be including extra storage space anywhere I could and I'd definitely want an island in the middle with plenty of work space.  That, and a to-die-for luxury faucet, a skylight, and all stainless steel appliances. 

Catskill Rolling Butcher Block (in natural)
Pipe dream aside, the reality is that I just don't have a lot of room for something that's going to take up space without providing a good amount of storage space or function.  Perhaps kitchen carts might be something to look into.  I would need one that could be rolled hither and yon as needed, but not look out of place with the rest of the decor.

A butcher block might work well in our space too.  This is definitely something we'd use since our counter space is limited and chopping food is sometimes hard to do with other prep work going on.  Sometimes, you just need to feel like you have elbow room to cook.  

John Roos Country Work Table
I like the one above, but I'd want it to match my existing cabinets.  I love that it rolls, which would give me flexibility with placement.  I could definitely use an extra kitchen work table, particularly when I host family get togethers or holidays.  My husband and I haven't perfected the turkey and trimmings dance in our kitchen, meaning when we are making a big meal, we're bumping into each other and invading each other's space.  Extra work space is really what is most needed (that and perhaps another set of burners!)

If I did purchase an extra work table or butcher block table for use in my current home, I'd need it to have some style.  Since there's no room in the middle of my kitchen for a piece of furniture, I'd need it to look stylish enough to fit in with my dining room and living room decor since we have a very open layout.  You can see all the way into the kitchen/dining room from the front door, so style would need to be a huge consideration.

Do you wish you could remodel your kitchen too?  Would you add a work table or cart to add function to your space?  Please share your comments below and let me know what you wish you could do with your kitchen space.

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