Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Online colleges the way to go for busy adults wanting to further their education

Recently, a family member and I had a lengthy Facebook chat about their desire to get a degree and be able to move into a better paying and better liked job.  Online Colleges were the only thing that they were interested, mainly because of time constraints.  The flexibility of an online college or university, especially when it came to fitting courses into a busy schedule, was the only way that they could see being able to still work full-time and attend college somehow.

My family member tried to imagine traveling to a larger city for college (an hour drive one-way) and that was just too discouraging.  I totally understood.  When my husband started his bachelor's in 1999, we decided right away that we needed to move closer to the college that he was attending.  Working full-time and taking classes, even just two, was quickly becoming overwhelming once the drive was added in.

Living in rural America definitely lacks perks...  like a nearby college.  An online degree would be the only way they could pursue a better education and still maintain a sane existence.

Specifically, this individual was interested in online degree programs in information technology that would allow them to transition into a job dealing with network security issues.  Network security both interested that person and also is a growing field, one that they felt sure that they'd be able to get a job in after completing a degree.

Did you know you can still get financial aid, even if you don't attend a traditional brick and mortar college?  If you do decide to pursue a degree online, be sure to complete your FAFSA -  Free Application For Federal Student Aid

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