Monday, August 29, 2011

Power back on! Thank you, Dominion! #Irene

You might have noticed I didn't post at all this weekend.  That was because we had no power due to Hurricane Irene.  We lost power in my area well before the worst of the winds and rain on Saturday.  Things were just starting to get a bit gusty and around 1:20 PM, the power flickered off and on and then off finally.  Just as I had finished downloading pictures from my camera to upload, of course! 

We spent a lot of time in the dark since our power wasn't restored until 2:45 AM Monday morning.  We were really glad to have the power back on since our freezer was defrosting and we kept having to take care of the towel that was soaking up the ice maker's ice that was melting.

The kids definitely did not like going to bed in the dark, so we left a flashlight on all night for them.  Saturday night when the winds started really picking up, the hurricane was still around Virginia Beach (2-1/2 hours by car south of us).  We still had cell signals, so my husband watched the storm on his phone while I laid down with the kids to get them to settle down to sleep.  There was some creaking as the winds buffetted our roof, but all was well the next day when we came outside to inspect for damage.  Other than a good amount of yard clean up, we came out of the storm just fine.

It's been a rough week here for sure. Our first earthquake and first hurricane within the space of days.  Let's hope for bright skies and terra firma this week!  These were taken around 1 PM - a good 8 hours before the winds really started to gust hard here.  Our pier survived, as did the docks around town as far as I could tell. 

Municipal Pier - Colonial Beach
Beach scene- Colonial Beach

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