Wednesday, September 07, 2011

20 point Stouffer's Dinner Club Rewards code

Stouffer's has posted a Dinner Club reward code on their Facebook page.  There's no expiration time listed in their post, and the 20 point code is DCREWARDS0811.  You can enter the code on the Dinner Club's site.
Don't forget to take the polls - I just got 10 extra points for two easy polls.  I have never redeemed for any great prize... and hold onto my points to donate to support worthy causes, like Habitat for Humanity.  From Stouffer's Dinner Club's website:  "For every 1 point donated, STOUFFER'S® will donate $0.01 to Habitat for Humanity®, with a guaranteed minimum donation of $125,000, to up to a maximum donation of $300,000."  So even if you don't collect points for prizes, you can always bank the code and donate it to a worthy cause.
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