Wednesday, September 14, 2011

NYS Collection Eyewear Review: Affordable and Stylish Sunglasses

Eyewear, particularly sunglasses, is a very personal choice. I know that when I purchase new glasses or sunglasses, I spend a lot of time searching for a style that suits my tastes.  It is so important to find sunglasses that meet your needs for function, as well as your wants with style.  I'd never considered ordering sunglasses from online, so I was excited that  NYS Collection sent me a pair of their affordable and stylish eyewear to try.  Would I be happy with sunglasses found online? Would they fit?  Yes and Yes.

I selected style 8334 in black because I'm a classic kind of gal.  Here's a picture of them:
So chic, and so me!
What I liked about them, other than the style, was that they hugged my face.  I won't have to worry about them sliding down my nose.  I liked the curve of the lenses because it gives me extra protection against unwanted sunshine coming in from the side, something that happens a lot due to the position of the main road out of my town and the position of the sun as I normally travel it.

Another thing that impressed me was that these sunglasses weren't just tossed into a box and shipped.  I could tell that they were shipped with care because they arrived in a sturdy box, in a plastic zip back within a soft fabric pouch (a great place to store them in the car).  On top of that, the lenses were covered with a removable plastic covering.  It was obvious that the company wanted to ensure that these sunglasses arrived in perfect condition.

Check out some of the other styles --- some of them may remind you of the eyewear worn by members of the Jersey Shore cast.

Style 4122:  Who says you can't wear white after Labor Day?

Style 6003:  Basic black goes with anything!

NYS Collection offers more than just women's eyewear.  They'll soon offer eyewear for the entire family.  They currently have women's and men's styles and will soon have children's eyewear available too.

Disclosure:  NYS Collection provided me with a product sample at no cost to me for the purposes of review.  The opinions stated herein are 100% my own.
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