Thursday, October 13, 2011

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Watch the video and get your $1 off coupon that's only available while supplies last.  The first five readers to click through can claim a FREE product coupon!  Check out the exclusive video content of a new mom-focused video series featuring actors from the renowned improvisational group Second City, as they search for the next Totino’s Pizza Stuffers Mom.  Hilarious!

Do your kids come home looking for a snack?  Mine do.  I hear, "Mom, I'm hungry!" the moment they enter the door.  Dinner isn't for another hour or two, so I let them have a snack.  Did you know that 90% of moms think it is important to give their kids a snack between lunch and dinner?  That's according to the Totino's Pizza Stuffers Survey.  What to feed the kids though.  Moms don't like messes and I'm definitely firmly in that camp!  If a snack is messy, I steer my kids away from them onto something that isn't going to leave slops, glops, or drops on my table and floor.

Totino's has a new product offering that would be great for snack time, and less mess.  The new Totinos's Pizza Stuffers come in three varieties (pepperoni, cheese and combination, which is sausage and pepperoni) and can be microwaved in just minutes if you're pressed for time, or can be baked for a crispier snack if you prefer to use your oven. Their half-moon shape is kid friendly too.  There are four stuffers in the box, have an average retail price between $3.99 and $4.29, and they are available in frozen food departments in stores across the country.

Disclosure:  Totino's and/or General Mills provided me with the above widget offering coupons to my readers via MyBlogSpark.  Information was also provided to assist me with providing a product overview. 
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