Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Ford Drives Box Tops Sweepstakes, plus earn BTFE for your child's school for watching videos & more


Ford Drives Box Tops Sweepstakes:   Click to learn about this historic partnership and how you can earn BoxTops with Ford. Register on the site and you'll be automatically entered into a Sweepstakes for 250,000 bonus Box Tops. Every time you clip or click to earn makes a difference!

Watch Ford's videos (1-2 min each) x 5 = 25 BTFE for your school. Also, you can earn them BTFE for requesting a brochure (and if you buy a Ford that's 250 BTFE for your school.) This is a new way to earn and I love the concept! Please spread the word... it only takes a few moments of your time to help support your school (or your nephew's school, grand child's school... you get the idea!)
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