Friday, November 04, 2011

American Family Insurances Stand Up for Family videos

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My husband I and enjoy watching comedians doing stand up comedy routines, but a lot of times, they have adult themes and language that aren't appropriate for watching as a whole family.  It's hard sometimes to find something to watch that's funny enough for the whole family to enjoy together.  American Family Insurance has a series of videos that are funny and viewable by families like mine.

The video that I liked most of the several I viewed was actually one by Bill Bellamy, the Stand Up For Family host.  His video, "Respect" reminded me a lot of my mom.  When she said no, she meant no and there was definitely no negotiating.  She always seemed to know what we were thinking too.  I imagine when she was a kid back in the 50s, she had the same thoughts about her own mom when she got in trouble.  Bill Bellamy also has a video 'Street Lights' that rings true.  My mom would shoo us out of the house and we came back at dinner time when the street lights were coming on.  That was our cue to get home because if mom turned on the porch light, that meant we were late.  You so didn't want to see the porch light come on.

If you have a moment, check out AmFam's videos and see them for yourself.  You'll laugh and remember back to your childhood and with no bad language, you'll be able to share them with your kids.  They'll identify with the situations presented just like you do and that's something you can share together.  Family values are so important, especially in this age of distraction.  Reconnect over some videos and laugh about the good old days with your kids.

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