Wednesday, November 16, 2011

KRE-O for Christmas? Top 3 reasons this new Hasbro toy is a great gift #HasbroKREOsets

I've been busy dealing with my mom's illness and quite honestly, thinking ahead to Christmas right now isn't something that I can focus on.  I am trying to, though.  Despite being saddened by knowing her time is limited, I have been looking online here and there for gift ideas for my two children, knowing that I will be forcing a smile this Christmas.  I was very glad to see that SocialMoms has teamed up with Hasbro to spread the word about a new toy, KRE-O.  I think it would be a great fit for my 6, soon to be 7 year old, since it's meant for kids 6 and older.

Reason 1 why I think KRE-O would be a great gift for my son...  Ninjago!

My little Lego maniac is in love with Ninjago.  In checking out the KRE-O line, I was happy to find the KRE-O bricks are compatible with other leading bricks.  My son has a huge tub of those "leading bricks" and I like to keep them all together when possible.  I liked the Transformer look and know he will want to collect them all, just like the Ninjagos he begs for at every turn.

Reason 2.... lots of different sets available!

My little man likes to have every set imaginable when he falls in love with a toy.  That's nice, but there's a budget to consider!  Since there are 12 KRE-O Transformers sets available, I'll have lots to choose from and can find one or more at a price point to stay in my budget.  The sets range between $7.99 and $59.99 and have beginner to deluxe sets for those who are more accomplished.  Which brings me to another point, the KRE-O set will grow with him as he masters brick laying skills to make more complicated builds.

Reason 3... Wide age appeal (don't forget the hubby...)

My son and his dad love to watch the old Transformer cartoons on TV.  It's a blast from the past!  My hubby even has an old Optimus Prime.  The KRE-O sets would allow father and son to bond over a toy that they both can relate to.  For hubby, it will feel nostalgic.  For my son, it will feel brand new.  With all of the Transformers movies coming out in the past few years, a whole new generation is familiar with them. 

I'll be looking for these on store shelves and on my favorite e-tailer sites.  I'm hoping to find a good deal on them too!

Holiday cheer may be a little hard to come by, but here's what I'm planning to do to help get myself into the holiday spirit...

1.  Fake it til you make it!  If I'm feeling sad, I am just going to push through.  I'm going to make cookies that my mom would make if she were able.  I'm going to use favorite cookie cutters that were hers when I was younger.  I am going to soldier forward and try to keep things as normal as possible.

2.  Shop when I can't sleep!   Seeing my children's happy little faces on Christmas morn is something that I always enjoy and look forward to.  I plan to do a lot of shopping when I am up and can't sleep.  No sense wasting prime shopping time and who knows, I may just find a bargain that can't be beat!  While presents aren't the reason for the season, Christmas joy and Jesus' birth do need to be celebrated.

3.  Remembering those who are needy.  Each year, we take an Angel (or two) from the Angel tree at our church.  Purchasing gifts for others who are less fortunate will be a nice way to spread the holiday cheer.  I know of many who have been blessed by charitable organizations at Christmas and I know that it leaves a lasting impression to know that someone you don't know cares about you.

What are you planning to do to spread the holiday cheer?  I'd love to read your inspiring comments.  This season will be bittersweet and I can use some happy stories to lift my spirits.

P.S.  Be sure to check out Hasbro's KRE-O giveaway!

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