Monday, December 05, 2011

Is your gravy blah? Try GravyMaster for gravy and more.

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I received a rather nice compliment the other day.  My husband told me that I was really good at making gravy.  This was not always the case, and since I make my own gravies from scratch, it was a huge pat on the back.  I have a set of helpful flavorings that I use and though I don't currently use GravyMaster, I wouldn't mind getting a bottle and keeping it for gravy making and more.  I'm always afraid when I my gravies will fall flat.  Especially at holiday meals, since the pressure is on to make a good meal for all to enjoy. 

Aside from gravies, what would I do with GravyMaster?  It can be used as an ingredient in a variety of recipes that my family would enjoy.  I love bacon and often use to add flavor to other meats.  There's a recipe for bacony chicken wings.  I could also use it to kick it up a notch when I make chicken fajitas or add some zip to my outdoor grilling faves by adding some into a homemade barbecue sauce. There are many ways you can use GravyMaster to enhance your meals, aside from using it for gravy only.

Take a moment to browse the recipes on the GravyMaster site for ideas that will help you Master the meal, no matter what the season!  What will you make?  Please leave me a comment with your choice so that I can take a look at the recipe and be inspired.

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