Monday, December 05, 2011

Victoria's Secret Fan? Get your Secret Reward Card (9 AM each day thru 12/15)

Who doesn't like being pleasantly surprised at the checkout counter?  If you're a fan of Victoria's Secret, be sure to try to secure your own Secret Reward Card.  I was able to snag one today, but after many, many, many refreshes.  I do hope it's worth more than $10 (the minimum), but the value could be as high as $500 if I'm a lucky duck.  I'll need to head into the store to find the value or if I order online, I'd have the value revealed at checkout.  I hope if it's a big un' I can add more stuff to my cart in that case!

You can try to secure your own card each day on Facebook at 9 AM Eastern, though their servers have been overworked lately and getting through can be a trifle hard.  This promo ends 12/15.
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