Thursday, December 01, 2011

Upcoming deals at Starbucks - coffee deals!

I know... I know... I don't even drink coffee and here I am sharing a coffee deal with you all!  Starbucks is having their 12 Days of Gifting from now until the 12th.  I've peeked on their gifting tree to see what what coming up and found a few deals that you might be interested if you have a coffee lover to buy for this year or need an affordable present for a friend or co-worker for Secret Santa.

December 2:  Christmas Blend.  Regular price for 1 lb is $14.95; December 2 only it's $9.95 and for the VIA Ready Brew Christmas Blend 12 pack, the price is $7.95.

December 5:  Sampler gift pack.  Regular price is $14.95; December 5 only it's $9.95.

December 8:  Any VIA Ready Brew 12 pack.  Regular price is $9.95-$11.95; December 8 only it's $7.95.

December 9:  Free VIA Ready Brew 3 pack with purchase of 1 pound of Christmas Blend; Regular price for these is $17.90; December 9 only $14.95.

December 10:  Tazo Tea sampler or VIA Ready Brew gift pack sampler.  Regular price $16.95-$19.95.  December 10 only $12.95.

Sandwiched in these brewtastic deals are specials on mugs, confections, and tumblers.  Want to see all of their deals?  Go here and then click on each date on the tree.
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