Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Get Fit: Race to the Moon with Cafe Well!

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Have you heard of Cafe Well?  It's a social media site focused on health matters.  Cafe Well members connect at the site to anonymously discuss things such as chronic medical conditions and get health related information and support, among other services the site offers for free.

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Health America has partnered up with Cafe Well, to offer an innovative weight loss motivational program called Race to the Moon.  The Race to the Moon program is geared toward Health America members, though anyone can join for free.  Health America members who join may be eligible for a wireless pedometer and other prizes for meeting goals and others who aren't Health America members may still join for free, use the tools and participate in challenges to help stay motivated while on the road to wellness. 

I've seen some press releases outlining the success of the program, and I'm impressed.  I think that a pedometer is a great motivational tool.  Most people are competitive by nature to some degree and having a solid number each day to improve upon has got to be motivational.  If I were to create a health challenge for my family, I would probably do it with pedometers.  I need a low impact exercise, so walking would be perfect for me and my family.  I have been trying to focus on adding a fruit as dessert at dinner too - something as simple as applesauce motivates the kids to eat a good dinner and have a lower calorie finish with applesauce.

What I love about Race to the Moon is that anyone can join, even those who aren't members of Health America.  You won't be eligible for prizes, but you'll still find a supportive network of people just like you, all at different places in their wellness journey.

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