Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What's costing you more in 2012?

I ran across this slide show of 6 things that will cost more in 2012, courtesy of CNN Money.  One of the items that made the list was meat products!  Oddly enough, my husband and I were shopping at Walmart the other day and he was quite put off by the cost of hamburger.  Mind you, he used to cut meat in his college days, so he knows what a good cut of meat is and what a good price is it as well.  We actually came home sans burger because he declared the price of it too high!  I guess I'll have to catch a sale at another grocery store. 

We even had a discussion the other day about trimming our grocery bill.  The thing is, I told him, is that everything has shrunk in size or jumped in price (or both).  I feel like I'm buying doll house sized boxes of cereal because all of the boxes have shrunk.  They're almost the size of play food that my kids played with with they were younger. 

Fortunately for us, hubby's skill as a meat cutter has not diminished and he is able to purchase those big hunks of meat and properly cut them down into roasts, chops, stew meat, or whatever we might need.   I found this video showing how to cut pork chops done by a chef.  Save money (in his instance, $1.50 per pound) by learning to cut your own!
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