Thursday, January 12, 2012

KFC's Keep Fit Challenge - save your points for a bike!

Last week, hubby brought the kids home one of those new KFC Kids' meals sporting the KFC Keep Fit Challenge logo.  Those nifty boxes came with chicken, a side of macaroni (not to mention the re-usable container it came in) and a drink.  They also had two Keep Fit Points on each box, so for two kids, we got a total of four points.

I thought, surely I'll be collecting these points forever.  We don't eat KFC too often, so the reality is that we'd never save up enough points for the bike.  So I aimed a little lower and was surprised at the prizes they offer -- they were nice and would be great for home or to donate to your child's school. 

The prizes at the 5 point level aren't really worth getting (a bucket of sidewalk chalk, among a few others), so definitely keep saving.  At 10 points, you can get a playground kickball that would be lots of fun.  They also have a rubber football and a KFC branded youth football, along with a kite, at that level.  The prizes get progressively nicer as you save, with plenty of play equipment showing up as prizes.  What I liked about the prizing scheme is that you aren't saving up a lot of points for little return.  If the kids eat there once a month even, it will only be a few months until I can get something nice for them with the points. Parents with multiple kids will rack up points even faster.

It will take 50 points to get a girl's or boy's bike, so if you're saving up for that, you're in for the long haul.  Still, a lot of times a ball team might stop somewhere to eat and having a healthier meal might appeal.  Just be sure to collect all those points and get something your team can really enjoy.

Check it out at the KFC Keep Fit Challenge site.
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