Friday, January 20, 2012

Mission Tuition: Shopping with college savings in mind

Do you have a 529 already set up for your child or are you thinking about it, but not sure how you'd be able to place any funds in it in this economy?  Mission Tuition is an online shopping site where you can shop and have retailer rebates accrue in an educational savings account, which you can either set up through their site via Wells Fargo or, if you have a 529 already in place, you can request a check for deposit into a 529 that you may have opened under your own state's 529 program.

Mission Tuition is free to use and is an easy way to encourage begin saving for college expenses.  Using their site to shop with big, brand name retailers means that you earn valuable cash rebates, which make it an ideal educational savings program for just about anyone.  Want to learn more?  Check out Mission Tuition's 'How It Works' page.

Since you use your debit or credit card to shop through the links, that means that you can increase your ability to save money because if your card offers rewards for use, you'll still receive those through your card's company.  Their list of cash rebate retailers is extensive - literally hundreds to choose from on their merchant list.  You can also view merchants by category.

What do you think of this unique way to offset future educational expenses?  Please leave me a comment letting me know.  I used to use a different program, but it was such a hassle to provide them with every grocery store card I owned to track savings.  I like earning cash rebates for online purchases, and this is certainly an innovative approach.

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