Sunday, January 08, 2012

Sunny D's Drink Up & Download promo: Win music downloads

Want to load up on some tunes?  Sunny D has a new promotion called 'Drink Up & Download' where you collect 10 codes from specially marked products to enter those codes to win music downloads.

Up for grabs:  175,000 total songs (promo ends when exhausted)

Limited entry: You can only enter to win once per week.

The good news:  The rules include a way to obtain codes (5 codes per SASE) to be able to enter without purchase.  For 5 free codes, you need to mail 3x5 card with your hand written full name, date of birth, address, and a self-addressed return envelope (SASE), in a hand-addressed, postage-paid envelope.  Mail that to: SunnyD Drink Up & Download, P.O. Box 551621, Jacksonville, FL 32255-1621. There's a limit 1 request (5 codes) per mailing, so if you will need to send 2 SASE's as specified to get the 10 codes you need to enter unless you purchase products containing codes.

Everyone who submits an entry will win at least one song and may win additional song downloads. 

Add'l  Song Packages Quantity of Song Packages
4 Songs                                     5,000
5 Songs 3,000
7 Songs 3,000
9 Songs 2,000
14 Songs 1,000
19 Songs 800
29 Songs 600
39 Songs 200
49 Songs 200
74 Songs 100
99 Songs 100

I do think this promo will be popular - so send in your SASE's sooner rather than later as the promo, though scheduled to run through 2012, may end early if the song downloads are exhausted before the end date.
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