Monday, January 09, 2012

Time to organize your garage?

3-unit storage cabinet package
One thing that I really miss about our last home was the garage.  Of course, we lived in the snow belt and it was really nice to avoid brushing off a foot of snow each day in the winter just to go to work.  My husband might miss the garage more than me, though.  (And trust me, a garage is on 'must have' list for our next home.)  After 15 years of marriage, he has accumulated a fair number of tools, jacks, saws, and what-not that all need homes.  We do have a storage shed outside, but it's not the same as having a fully organized garage, complete with Garage Storage Cabinets.

Here in the south, though, we'd definitely have to opt for Steel Storage Cabinets.  While Erie was cold and snowy for a good part of the year, it wasn't hot like it is here in Virginia.  It's simply just too humid to not purchase something that would be rust-resistant, let along strong enough to stand up to frequent use. 

Which company's Garage Cabinets should be under consideration?  Arrow Spacemaker has a line of steel cabinets that come pre-configured or can be purchased on their own so that you can configure your garage storage space in a way that best suits your needs.  That's something that I like since it gives a consumer the freedom to choose what they need since all tool collections are not created equally, nor are all garages.  I also appreciate that they have cabinet locks.  You can lock your tools up for extra peace of mind.  Tools are, after all, an investment.  One that should be protected.

What are your thoughts on this?  While I can easily see my husband jumping with glee at the thought of total tool organization (and I could also see him locking the cabinets because he won't want me putting things back in the wrong place!), I can also see where these types of cabinets could be useful to women as well.  I would demand a cabinet of my own - would you?

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