Wednesday, February 22, 2012

All You: 1 year subscription for 333 My Coke Rewards points

Do you need to renew your All You subscription or are you thinking of sending one to a friend?  My Coke Rewards has a one year subscription for 333 My Coke Rewards Points.  There are lots of coupons in the March issue, including some for Sister Schubert's rolls (hubby's fave) and Sparkle paper towels.  Also hot in the March issue:  Buy 5 Lean Cuisines Varieties and a Nestle Pure Life Splash flavored beverage and get a free Skinny Cow frozen snack (up to $4.24). 

Did you know:  I was once featured in a  past issue a few years ago for a tip I submitted?  Who knew?  Now you do!
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